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Dr · Sketchy's · Anti · Art · School · Brisbane

What happens when Art School Meets Cabaret?

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Hello Beloved Art Monkeys!

We have exciting news... Dr Sketchy's is going bigger, better and MONTHLY!

After a careful assessment it seems as though most of you can make it to us about once a month. By consolidating our patrons (oooh, that is totally less innuendo-ridden than it sounds, promise), we can give you bigger and better shows - more models, better prizes etc etc etc. Be sure to tell all your friends, and even better, drag them along for a session! Bigger Number of Art Monkeys = More fun for everyone! So get out there, spread the word and be the one they owe a drink for letting them know about the absolute most fun you can have on a Wed night in the whole of Brisbane!

Our first monthly session will be May 21st - and each month, on the 4th Wed of the month, we will bring you another heapin helping of Dr Sketchy Goodness!!

To beat the rush.. grab your ticket now! Just clicky clicky.. no, not there.. right here.... Yes, Oh, YES! I want a ticket for Wed 21st May!!

Untill then, stay posted, we will be letting you know all about the fabulous things we have planned very soon.

Keep those pencils sharp, and see you on the 21st May!

Yours in Anti-Art,

Omega Howell
Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane
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Hello lovely Art Monkeys!

This Wednesday we are pleased to present the gorgeous La Viola Vixen!

Some of you might remember her from last year, she is after all unforgettable!

Here's what I wrote last time, and I am happy to say not a lot has changed: Viola's classic good looks (think a deliciously wicked snow white) combined with her old-school burlesque stylings make her a total BOMBSHELL! You can see some more of this gorgeous lady on her myspace http://www.myspace.com/laviolavixen .

So, Monkeys, whether you saw her last time and are keen for a repeat (who wouldn't be) or whether you're kicking yourself for missing it (as you ought to be!) Now is your chance!

Click Here to Buy a Ticket for Wednesday 9th April

See you on Wednesday, Art Monkeys!!

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane
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This Wednesday it's time to get out your leopard skin pants and leather jackets, because Dr Sketchys is going METAL!!! Aww yeah, throw some goats and get loud, this one is going to be awesome!

We have the one and only Heavy Metal Burlesque star Luna La Faye modeling for us - She loves to combine delicate, feminine and sparkly costumes with the shiny blades of edged weapons and the classical elegance of pointe shoes..... make sure you pack your black and silver pencils for this one. :)

Click here to buy a ticket for Wednesday 12th March
The next session on 26th March we have none other than Miss Vesper White - she is a Sydney Burlesque and Dr Sketchy's  Sensation and has kindly agreed to model for us while in Brisbane!

Click here to buy a ticket for Wednesday 26th March

See you Soon!!

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane
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Hello Art Monkeys!!!

Tonight, Tonight...

You may be asking *WHY* you haven't got this earlier, and there's a good reason I promise! I have been laid up with a truly horrible ear infection. No more shall I wish fire and brimstone and lightning bolts from the sky upon my enemies, oh no, from now I shall wish them the agony and torment that is an infection of the ear...

But do not fret, Art Monkeys!! I have dragged myself off my death-bed in a truly melodramatic fashion to bring you another stellar session of Dr Sketchys!

Our model tonight is none other than Miss Bertie Page - some of you old-timer-regulars may remember her last year when she posed for us as the little mermaid - her dynamic poses and drop-dead-gorgeousness will be fondly remembered - and if you missed out last time, then now's your chance to make good on that!

Of course nothing makes the agony of an ear infection easier to bear than the sure knowledge it's NOT all for naught and there will be a nice crowd tonight. (Pack the bags, kids! We're going on a GUILT TRIP!!!!) . so it'd be ever so wonderful if you  clicky clicky and buy your ticky in advance...

Click here to buy a ticket for Wednesday 27th February

See you Tonight!!!

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane

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Hello Hello Beloved Art Monkeys!!

It has come to the time of year (already!) for that most Hallowed of Hallmark Holidays.... Valentines Day!! Yes, yes, dust off those boxes of chocs and prick your fingers on the thorns of red, red roses... once again "Single Persons be Painfully Aware of Their State" Day has arrived, Hooray!!

Being SUCH gushing romantics and all you know we're going ALL OUT for this one! There will be hearts and flowers, and games.. but THAT'S NOT ALL!!

We are doing another "FIRST EVER!!!" for Brisbane's Dr Sketchy's!!

We've bought you beautiful burlesque girls and circus girls and acrobat girls and EGL girls and many more besides, we've seen mermaids and dollies and tutus and pirate wenches.. but you've NEVER seen this before....

BOYS! BOYS??? oh MY yes BOYS!! Not one but TWO!!!

Yes, yes.. We have organised a DOUBLE-ACT of not one but TWO (count em, TWO) BEAUTIFUL BALLET BOYS. They will be poncing about in a homoerotic fashion for your sketching pleasure!! They are long, lean, lithe, limber, lovely and many other things starting with "L".. ;)

Click here to buy a ticket for Wednesday 13th February

Now double the models means double the expense for us (but you're worth it, we know) - so if you could very kindly do your best to drag some friends along and make this a BIG one your Headmistresses will be most appreciative!!

See you on Wednesday!!!
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Hello Art Monkeys!!

This here is the wattle! The symbol of our land! You can stick it in a bottle! You can hold it in yer hand!! Australia, Australia, Australia, WE LOVE YA!!! *sigh* Wasn't the long weekend nice?? I hope you all celebrated in the traditional manner with BBQ and beverage!!

Alas and Alack Australia Day is over for another year but never fear, the stellar Dr Sketchy's sessions just KEEP COMING!

It's time to get out your sketchbooks and sharpen your pencils!! You better bring your agile pencils this time, because we've got something very special for you...

Tomorrow night (30 Jan) we are presenting the marvellous and acrobatic Miss Kitty! She's a very lithe, limber and lovely young lady who will delight and amaze with her acrobatic poses and gorgeous sunshiney smile!! Miss Kitty can bend herself into shapes you'd normally only see in a book of knots, so this will be a very exciting session.

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Happy New Year, beloved Art Monkeys!!

I hope you have all enjoyed your Giftmas.. now it's time to swing back into action.. and we are starting off the new year with a BANG!!

Our first session is coming up on the 16th January at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow.. in our new private room downstairs, very swanky!!

As you know, we seek to bring you opportunities to draw models you would NEVER get a chance to otherwise, and it will never be more true than in our opening session...

We are delighted to be able to present our model,  Violet LeBeaux.

Now, Violet is NOT a burlesque girl. She is not a circus performer. She's is not a rollerderby girl, or anything like that..

Violet is an Elegant Gothic Lolita. Or an "EGL", for short. Now you might not have heard of this term before, but if you are into the weird and wonderful (and we know you ARE, Art Monkeys!!) then this will pique your interest. EGL comes from Japan and is a lifestyle consisting of (amongst other things) a very specific form of dress...to the untrained eye these women look a little bit like Little Bo Peep... but there's a LOT MORE to it than that. Violet dresses in a style called "Sweet Lolita" -  We're talking thousands of yen worth of frills, lace, ribbons, petticoats, "rocking horse" shoes, big bows, parasols and all sorts of related frippery...all codified in a complicated social construct only the Japanese could devise.

These girls are noted for their demure modesty.... and normally would NEVER be seen in the scurrilous den of DEPRAVITY that is a Dr Sketchy's session, oh no! But the lovely Miss Violet has fallen on hard times... and has no choice but to BARE all for us. Violet will showing off her beautiful outfits, and then she will be stripping down to.. SHIFT, CORSET, BLOOMERS and STOCKINGS for our sketching pleasure!!  Such a display!!

This is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity to see what's under those frilly dresses, and one you should not miss! It will be a truly unique session and we're very lucky to have secured this rare opportunity.

I have attached a photo of the lovely Miss Violet LeBeaux for your viewing pleasure.

Now, before you swoon from excitement, snap yourself up a ticket!!!

Click Here to Buy a Ticket for Wednesday 16th January

See you on Wednesday, Art Monkeys!! 2008 is going to be an incredible year for Dr Sketchy's, I can't wait to tell you all about what we have planned for the rest of the year.

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane


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You know it's that time of year again, and of course Dr Sketchy's never fails to deliver presents that will bring a smile to your face!

This Wednesday we are very pleased indeed to present a very special DOUBLE ACT for Dr Sketchy's.

FRESH from their star performance at the Burlesque Ball - it's Tigerlil and Derek. Those lucky enough to be at the ball will no doubt fondly remember their routine, with Tigerlil a very saucy lion-tamer and Derek her acrobatic misbehaving lion. It was a routine that had many jaws agape and thunderous applause was the natural reaction!

They will be gracing us with their presence this Wednesday and it will be an excellent way to see out 2007. Don't miss this one!

Now remember Art Monkeys - two models mean double model fees for your Headmistresses, so please bring ALL your friends along.. you *KNOW* they will have a wonderful time, and you will earn their gratitiude as well as that of your Headmistresses... and nothing says "Don't worry, we're coming!" like buying your tickets in advance.

The 12th December will be our last Dr Sketchys for 2007, we will be returning in 2008 on Jan 16th! Rememember Art Monkeys - Dr Sketchys tickets make a FABBO Giftmas present - combine with a set of pencils and a sketchpad and you will have a gift that Grandma or Grandpa is bound to appreciate more than a tea cosy!! :D. If you want a fancy "Gift Certificate" to go along with the tickets, let me know, and I can send you one after you buy the tix. :-)

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Hello Art Monkeys!

I just LOVE surprises - don't you?! Well you will when it's this good!! We have had a last min change of arrangements and I am delighted to announce that our model tomorrow evening will be none other than La Viola Vixen!

Viola's classic good looks (think a deliciously wicked snow white) combined with her old-school burlesque stylings make her a total BOMBSHELL! I have attached a picture so you can see what's in store.. you can also see some more of this gorgeous lady on her myspace http://www.myspace.com/laviolavixen .

Fresh from her star performance at Bohemia, Viola has some spectacular new costumes to show us. I can't wait! :D

See you on Wednesday, Art Monkeys!!
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