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Dr · Sketchy's · Anti · Art · School · Brisbane

Hello Art Monkeys, With many apologies we must inform you that the…

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Hello Art Monkeys,

With many apologies we must inform you that the Dr Sketchys session scheduled for Wednesday 23rd July has been cancelled. We will keep you updated with further developments.

Dr Sketchys' Anti Art School Brisbane
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On 20th July 2008 19:41 (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
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On 20th July 2008 21:42 (UTC), divabat commented:

Will we get a refund for the money?
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On 20th July 2008 23:14 (UTC), omegamorningsta replied:
Absolutely, your refund has already been sent via paypal.
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On 21st July 2008 01:29 (UTC), divabat replied:
cool! hopefully it'll start up soon. I referred my sis to the London Dr Sketchys and was looking forward to this one.
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On 22nd July 2008 09:07 (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
oh nos! the devil will corrupt my idle hands... will it be on next month?
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On 13th August 2008 06:43 (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
are you coming back?
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On 5th August 2009 05:46 (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Saturday Sessions?
Hello Headmistress Omega. Can you please keep me informed as to whether you are planning on having a Saturday session in the near future. I am a keen artist, focussing on the female form, but have motherly commitments during the week. Would love to know of anything coming up. Chantal
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