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Dr · Sketchy's · Anti · Art · School · Brisbane

Dr Sketchys this Wednesday, Whoo!

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Hello Art Monkeys!

We've had to wait and finally it's time for another Dr Sketchys!! And OOOOH BOOOY do we have a DOOZY! We are delighted to present miss Lindsay-Rose, who words alone can not do justice - so of course I've attached a picture for you! Try not to Swooooon! She is one of "The Gamble Sisters" who are known around town for their glamour, beauty and

She is a burleque star just full of va-va-VOOOM! and she will be waving her feather fans for our sketching enjoyment!!

We're expecting a big crowd so I strongly advise you to snap up a ticket now to save dissapointment

Dr Sketchys will now be on the last Wednesday of the month, and our next one after this will be 25th June featuring the delectable Miss Mindy! Get in early for this one! :)

See you Wednesday!!

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane
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