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Evening All!

An announcement, for anyone who remembers this post - or anyone who missed it, for that matter - exciting news: 'tis no longer hypothetical!

A venue's been found, lease should be finalised by the end of the month - which means at this point, I can't yet give anyone an exact address, but...

We'll be in the Wynnum area, not inconceivably (:P) far from the water, or from other galleries and similar businesses, and even not far at all from public transport.

We (we being Pirate Arrrts, the parent company of this gallery project) also have a name for it:

Sirius Gallery.

All going according to plan, we'll be having a gala opening for Sirius, combined with a Hallowe'en party - midday to midnight (and possibly beyond), so -

Keen to get your work exhibited? Know someone who might be?

We'll be charging, as the post linked to above suggests, very reasonable rates, and there'll be a variety of space sizes available, from just a single 'postcard' (11 x 16cm) to the entire 80-something square metres. Most commonly we'll be offering what we'll be calling a 'flat' (1.8 x 1.28 metres, or 2.3 square metres, or thereabouts) for a weekly rental fee of $15. That includes display/curation & sales assistance, storage and security outside business hours (or during other events your work may not be 'appropriate' for), all marketing/exhibition event costs and absolutely no commission. When your work gets sold, you get every cent of your stated sale price. And said sale price is entirely up to you. We're more than happy to advise, but it's your decision.

We're open to all media, and all levels of experience - the wider the diversity of content, the better!

If you're keen to be part of this, want to book some space to display work from Hallowe'en onwards, want more information, or maybe even want to help out with the day to day operation of the place (volunteers can expect to be worshipped as somewhat deity-like) please email hermesdotkempatgmaildotcom !

Again, as the above-linked post suggests, this gallery is being run by Pirate Arrrts - a new Brisbane company keen to develop and encourage a wide variety of insolent and irreverant creative practices, in both the visual and performing arts.

So there will be regular events occurring in the space, most notably sunday aRTfternoons... a more relaxed approach to the usual game of opening an exhibition on a Friday night, repleat with black ties, pretension and wine wine w(h)ine - expect instead BBQ's, live music, untutored 'classes' (some of which will be life drawing sessions, and more - all for a minimalist entry fee.

So even if you're not an 'artist' per se yourself, you're more than welcome - more the merrier!

(mods, if, as I suspect you may, feel that this post has devolved into rampant commercial pluggery, please accept my heartfelt apologies, and feel free to delete. Or I'm happy to discuss appropriate edits, if need be ;D )

Otherwise, all I've got to say is Cheers! Oh, and Stand By To Repel Boredom! :P

(oh, and x-posted a few places - sorry for overload, if'n you get any)
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